YASLY is the work of Danny Jones, focusing on the fusion of graphic, product, and interactive design with the vast possibilities of 3D, highlighting the unnoticed beauty surrounding us.

For me, every image is a visual system—in its essence, it represents a complex syntax, a language through which I seek to articulate the subtleties of light and the tangible feel of textures.

I incorporate the spontaneity of generative design, the vividness of photography, the depth of 3D, the expansiveness of spatial design, and the dynamism of animation. It's all in support of pushing the boundaries of what's visually possible to weave narratives that captivate and engage, inviting the viewer to see beyond the surface and into the soul of the unseen.



With over 15 years of experience, I have served as both a design lead and an individual contributor for projects at companies such as Color, Facebook, Dropbox, Google, and Cash App.

Clients, Collaborators

Adobe, Adam Ho, Adam Kereliuk, Astra House, Beat Foundry, Frame.io, Hypebeast, Lyrah, Marleigh Culver, Meta, Nike, Nouns, Parteek Saran, Problem Library, Public-Library, Quartzy, Scale, Uber, Vector DAO